Live Life

A friend of mine passed away suddenly this week – only 39 years of age, healthy, happy and full of life. She leaves behind her a distraught and confused family but even more upsetting her 4 young kids have lost a very loving mother. Is it fair? No. Is it right? No. Is it fact of life? Unfortunately yes.

Does this make it easier on the family and friends, of course not.

Whatever your religion or spiritual belief, it is difficult  to comprehend why someone is taken from us unexpectedly and so young…..maybe she is needed somewhere else, maybe she is on a journey to Nirvana or maybe it was just her time. Whatever the reason, the fact remains.

With every life, there are lessons – some we learn and some we ignore. The clichés are thrown about when something like this happens; “life is too short…”, “you only live once”, “you are not here for a long time, but a good time”. We all nod and agree when someone says these and we vow not to worry about the little things like the housework or stressing over money or sport – but do we follow through with it? For a week or two maybe but then we let life take control of us again and fall back into the rat race.

People get sick every day and life is lost unnecessarily far too often – some expected and some suddenly. Should we just wait for our time to come and plod along with life at a monotonous level or do we throw off the shackles of life’s crap, take control and write our own scripts? I know which one I prefer! Take the peaks and troughs and ride them like a roller coaster. Life will throw you curve balls and put obstacles in your way, but behind these obstacles is where growth is. If we stay in our comfort zones all the time, we might feel safe for a while but we remain static. If we challenge ourselves and live life to our fullest we can achieve happiness, growth and a sense that we left nothing behind.

Think about looking in at your own funeral – who will be there and what will they say about you – will they just say you had a good life or will they say ‘wow that looked like a fun journey’.

Make your life count and leave your mark behind you. Go travelling if you want, study what you are interested in and work for something you are passionate about. If you love somebody, just tell them.

Live your own life and not one that you think people want you to live. That’s how Andrea lived – we will have a drink to celebrate her life and she will live in our memory but most importantly she will continue to inspire us to live life.

See you later Andie ye mad yoke!

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